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At Dartmouth Alpha Phi, the strength of our sisterhood is the core element of our spirited community. Here, we strive to create an environment where we embrace, love, and trust every sister. For us, sisterhood means pushing each other to be the best we can be, supporting each other through the tough times, and taking the time to celebrate all the accomplishments - large or small - of our sisters. 


The bonds we build here last a lifetime; the longevity of this sisterhood is never outlived. Thus, our commitment to fostering our strong sisterhood is the most central aspect of our sorority. 

Sisterhood Events:

We invite you to read through, scroll over, or click on the grid of pictures below! We think that these images embody the wide range of ways that our sisterhood enhances our Dartmouth experiences. From attending traditional events like the Homecoming Bonfire to trying new activities like Pumpkin Carving at the O-Farm, the relationships that we build at Dartmouth Alpha Phi always lead to exciting memories. 


ed and steph.jpeg

The sisters of Dartmouth Alpha Phi are incredibly proud of our involvement on campus. We are leaders of Mock Trial and Programming Board, members of over 15 varsity sports teams, advocates for facilitating discussions about sexual assault, and mentors for local children. You can find an Alpha Phi just about anywhere on campus - just look for the smile!


Study Abroad:

Barcelona, Spain

Alpha Phis often study abroad together during our time at Dartmouth, bringing our sisterhood worldwide! Check out the incredible places we have been while studying abroad.

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