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Recruitment and New Members


"I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship, moral character, and genuine culture"

- The Alpha Phi Creed

A Letter from our VP of Recruitment,
Julia Vold


Dearest Reader,


Hi!! My name is Julia, I’m Alpha Phi’s VP of Membership Recruitment (aka rush chair)! Before I jump into the meat of this letter, here are some fun facts about me: 

(1) I first joined Aphi during my sophomore year (right at the height of Dartmouth’s COVID regulations), after rushing via zoom and not knowing many people in the house

(2) Despite being incredibly nervous about joining a new sorority full of cool girlsTM that I idolized, I was immediately welcomed with open arms and made fast friends that are still my besties today

(3) Although I was originally on the fence about going through recruitment and joining a sorority, I can honestly say that choosing to be a part of Aphi has been my most rewarding decision at Dartmouth


Now, if you are reading this letter you probably have one burning question on your mind: why did Julia rush Aphi and WHY did she want to be VPMR?? Isn’t that position super stressful?


Well, yes. BUT – I genuinely cannot think of anything I would rather do. It must seem crazy to read this letter and see that I loved Aphi so much I wanted to dedicate hundreds of hours of my life (during senior year, I might add) towards rush, but it’s true. I love Aphi. I loved talking to members while I was a PNM, I loved completing my tasks during big-little week, I love our sisterhood events, our social calendar, our philanthropic efforts, and our DEI work, and I love that I have the opportunity to help other PNMs after me fall in love with the house too.


Aphi is truly a special sorority. It is rare to find a space on campus that has carved out its own identity but is still reshaped and personalized for each member that joins. My experience in Aphi is tremendously different from that of the sister sitting next to me at meetings, but that does not stop this chapter from capturing both of our whole hearts.


I am truly honored to hold this position today, and I look forward to welcoming a new class of babies. It is not a sorority house, but a sorority home. <3


AOE, always,


We Can't Wait to Meet You Soon!

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