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The Alpha Phi Foundation

We take pride in our Philanthropy

Philanthropy has always been a core tenet of Alpha Phi. Throughout the year, we host many philanthropic events, raising money for research and educational programs to improve women's heart health. Alpha Phi empowers women to be generous givers while having fun and raising awareness. 


Most of our philanthropic events support the Alpha Phi Foundation, which is dedicated to advancing leadership development, encouraging academic excellence, improving women's heart health, and supporting sisters in need. It is well known and respected internationally as a prominent philanthropic leader for the Greek community, with Alpha Phi chapters raising over two million dollars annually. 


In addition to supporting the Alpha Phi Foundation, our chapter supports other campus-wide philanthropic community service initiatives. We have a strong presence at the Prouty, and our individual members are also exceptional volunteers all around campus. 


We hope to see you at one of our philanthropy events soon! 

Red Dress Gala

One of our most special nights at Alpha Phi! We wear red to support women's heart health.

The Prouty

We are thrilled to be a part of one of the largest philanthropic events in New Hampshire!

Capture the Phlag

We love getting competitive with each other to help support the Alpha Phi Foundation!

Cupcake Wars

Baking for this contest benefitting the Alpha Phi Foundation is a blast.


Red Dress Gala

The Red Dress Gala is our signature philanthropy event, where we come together as a community to raise money to improve women's heart health and benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation. We all wear red at this event to raise awareness about the #1 killer of women in America. The event often includes a reception, food, live performances, auctions, and raffles at an elegant venue. For us, this special occasion, celebrated by Alpha Phi chapters across North America, allows us to share our philanthropic vision with family and friends.

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The Prouty

The Event:

The Prouty is a two-day athletic event that benefits cancer research and patient supportive services at DHMC’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The Prouty offers a wide range of events such as walking, biking, and rowing through New Hampshire's gorgeous White Mountains to over 4,000 participants annually. It is the biggest charity challenge north of Boston, and it raised over 3.4 million dollars this past year! 

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Our Involvement:

Dartmouth Greek Life has a longstanding tradition of excellent participation in the Prouty. Annually, Alpha Phi has 100% house participation in the Prouty. Whether our girls volunteer at the finish line, hike a 5k through the woods, or complete the 100 mile biking event, we are so proud that our sisters value and support such an important cause!

two aphis at the Prouty in NH
Capture the Phlag

Capture the Phlag

the flyer for alpha phi's capture the phlag philanthropy event

This is one our our newest traditions at Dartmouth Alpha Phi! In the spring, we have a competition with rules styled after capture the flag, but instead of a flag, each team is given a watermelon to protect. We have so much fun running around, and the whole event benefits the Alpha Phi Foundation. The event is open to all Dartmouth students, and the team with the best flair and the winning team each receive prizes! We love celebrating our philanthropy, sharing events with the Dartmouth campus, and having fun with one another to welcome in the warmer weather. 

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars

We put our creative talents to the test during our annual philanthropy event, Cupcake Wars, held every fall. Sisters get together into self-made teams to try to bake the most magnificent and mouthwatering cupcakes. The competition is as intense as the cupcakes are delicious! The event is held in Collis Common Ground, where students and faculty can buy tickets to taste-test the cupcakes we make. We hope to see you there this fall!

cupcake from cupcake wars, alpha phi's fal philanthropy event at Dartmouth College
The "Campfire S'mores" cupcakes were some of our favorites this past year!
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