Meet Our 2020 Executive Board


bruna decerega

from miami, florida

majoring in economics and romance studies

VP Finance

abi reynolds

from chester, england

majoring in cognitive science and anthropology modified with global health 

Executive Administrator

holland edmonds

from charlottesville, virginia

majoring in history and spanish

VP Marketing

livy scott

from dallas, texas

majoring in history

Director of Inclusivity

jordyn rodillas

from phoenix, arizona

majoring in psychology and hispanic studies

Director of Chapter Events

kathryn hall

from haverford, pennsylvania

majoring in psychology

VP of Risk Management

mckenna gray

from corona, california

majoring in biology

VP Programming

nina vogel

from los angeles, california

majoring in history


VP Membership Recruitment

nicole aboodi 

from scarsdale, new york

majoring in psychology and film and media studies

VP Campus Relations

marimac mcrae

from nashville, tennessee

majoring in english with a concentration in creative writing

Director of Chapter Facilities

elise petit

from seattle, washington

majoring in biology

Director of Chapter Events

mahalia dalmage

from chicago, illinois

majoring in history and organic chemistry

Director of Chapter Events

anita zirngibl

from middleton, new jersey

majoring in economics modified with math

Director of New Member Education

mer anderson

from thousand oaks, california

majoring in computer and mechanical engineering

Director of New Member Education

sam stevens

from shelton, conneticut

majoring in psychology