A Letter from our Director of Inclusivity, Jordyn Rodillas


Hola! Me llamo Jordyn Rodillas, y soy la directora de diversidad e inclusividad para la Iota Kappa sección de Alpha Phi en Dartmouth College.


Hello! My name is Jordyn Rodillas, and I am the Director of Diversity and Inclusivity for the Iota Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi at Dartmouth College! I rushed Alpha Phi in 2018, inspired by the intense love and warmth that I felt when I entered the house for the first time, and excited to finally have a diverse, female-dominated space where I could be unapologetically me. My family originates from Mexico and the Philippines, and I myself am a first-generation, low-income student at Dartmouth. For this reason, I was searching for a space that would support me in all aspects of my identity, including those that do not fit the Dartmouth mold. I found that space in Alpha Phi. 


I knew immediately that I had found a home and that I wanted to continue to do all that I could to help other sisters feel the same way. As the Director of Diversity and Inclusivity, I strive to make Alpha Phi a warm, welcoming, and diverse space for sisters of all identities. Along with the Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force, a group of nearly 20 Alpha Phi women also dedicated to promoting and encouraging diversity and intersectional understanding, I will continue to ensure the safety, acceptance, and continuous celebration of the identities that make our chapter different. In planning events like Culture Night, Women of Alpha Phi, and others, we have worked to uplift and appreciate the meaningful stories, diverse histories, and rich cultures that each and every one of our sisters comes from. 


I am deeply committed to advocating for the physical, social, mental, and academic health and well-being of my sisters. In this position, I have worked to normalize tough, yet necessary conversations. Along with the Task Force, I have worked to plan and make these conversations accessible, from Bias Trainings to Sexual and Mental Health nights. We continuously work to make these conversations comfortable and to hold ourselves, our sisters, our friends, and our campus accountable.


What makes the Iota Kappa chapter special is its dedication to improvement and learning. We are constantly working to be better friends, sisters, and citizens. The existence of the position and the Task Force is a reflection of that desire. I am so incredibly proud of the work we have done to become a more inclusive and diverse space, but I am also so proud of our continued recognition that we can always do and be better. Our diverse set of sisters make our house what it is and I am so grateful that my position is dedicated to uplifting their voices, stories, and cultures.