A Letter from our President, Bruna Decerega

Hello everyone,


My name is Bruna Decerega and I am from Miami, Florida. This year, I have the honor of serving as the Chapter President for the Iota Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi at Dartmouth College.

Aside from my commitment to Alpha Phi, I am an Economics and Romance Studies double major at Dartmouth, director of the strategy staff of The Dartmouth, and work at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. I found my home away from home at Alpha Phi, and my biggest goal as Chapter President this year is to ensure that our sisters feel welcomed and supported in our space and on campus.


As Chapter President, my greatest responsibility is to ensure the overall health of our sisters and our chapter. Through fun events and meaningful conversations, I want to foster an environment where sisters can lean on each other for laughs and tears, carrying their Alpha Phi spirit with them everywhere they go. After all, Alpha Phi’s mission is “a sisterhood of women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.”


Because of our founders’ ambitious and courageous vision, Alpha Phi has been able to provide its numerous members a sense of unity and belonging, of sisterly affection and social communion since 1872. By leaning on each other, members of Alpha Phi grow and excel together, always carrying with them the guiding pillars of sisterhood, innovation, generosity and character.


The Iota Kappa chapter at Dartmouth is unique in many ways – in thought, in background, in religion, and much more. It is inspiring to be part of a community that empowers other women and celebrates the individuality of each of its members. We honor and encourage our differences while coming together to better ourselves and the Dartmouth community. From serious discussions to light-hearted conversations, our chapter recognizes the value of its members and the power of our collective voices. You can always count on an Alpha Phi for encouragement and support, and along the way, there will certainly be laughs and memories to look back on and smile about.


Alpha Phi has given me the opportunity to meet the most incredible women while sharing some precious moments that will stay with me forever. It has become my home and my safe haven even in the busiest of times. I know that the rush process can be overwhelming but we are committed to helping you find the space where you feel most comfortable. I hope that you take the time to consider Alpha Phi as a sorority for you. We are ready and eager to welcome you with open arms. I am amazed by the love, talent and intellect that our sisters already share and cannot wait to see what new members will bring to our sisterhood. Home for me is now Alpha Phi and I hope you, too, find a home with us here.