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A Letter from our President, Emily Sun

hey all,


I’m Emily and I’m the #chapterpresident. At least, that’s what it says on my LinkedIn. Welcome to the sorority site! Which sorority you may ask? Seeing as you navigated your way this far, I do hope you know. 


I hope you’re enjoying your journey through our internet presence. Maybe you’ve seen a few photos of me. In some of them I’m slaying. I’m not slaying in all of them, though, so if you see any of those photos, no you didn’t. 


Aphi’s online presence is a selection of fun collages, videos, and various inside looks into our lives. Personally, I feel like we have enough quality content to make a reality show, but Bravo won’t return any of my emails. 


In curating all of this, we’re hoping to give you an intimate look into what it’s like to be a sister of Alpha Phi. The lovely women of this chapter have become some of my best friends in the last 3 years; each and every one of them I’d switch a 9L with or drive 20 minutes to pick up at 2am no questions asked. Basically, I’m obsessed with them. This community is something I’ve always craved and searched for, and I’m so proud and happy to call myself a sister of APhi. 


I’m also taking a moment to let you all know that I love you, whether you’re a new member, an old member, an alum, a parent, a PNM, or just someone who likes to look at sorority websites in their free time (weird but you do you). Thank you for your time and I hope that, whoever you are, you have the opportunity to love our sisterhood as much as I do. 



Em xxx

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